Thursday, 11 July 2013

Unholy Awakening by Michael Gregorio

A mystery in the town of Lotingen, Prussia.  A body is found on the grounds of a house rented by Emma Rimmele and Hanno Stiffeniis - the town Magister - is the one investigating.
The dead woman has strange markings on her neck, that starts a fever of fear - about Vampires.
However, a French Investigator turns up to tell of similar killings in another Town, of French Soldiers. This deepens the mystery has to who or what is behind the killings. And why Emma Rimmele has a strange affect on all the men she comes across. 
And interesting tale, based in the late 1700's.  Well crafted characters, and written in a modern, easy style. I was hooked to the end, unsure of what or who was committing the various killings.

Rating 4 / 5
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