Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison

Book 10 of Rachel Morgan Series

It’s a few months since Rachel's return and her been cut off from most of her magical abilities. She has no status as a Demon and hates having to have a body guard as she can't protect herself.  However, when she gets called into a murder case by the IS she learns that Humans are trying to turn witches into Demon's and its her blood that would make the difference.  Despite the dangers she goes after the human group.  This puts herself and her friends in danger. I liked that Rachel wasn’t so tough in this book, and we see that Ivy and Jent are getting on with their lives regarding other friends.  She still finds herself attracted to Trent and finds he has become more protective of her too.  Interesting to see how she deals with her Demon status and Al coming back on the scene and focusing on the elf children probably leaves things open for a show down with the demons and elf's

Rating 4/5
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