Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

Book 3 of Alpha and Omega

Charles is having problems with the jobs his Father, the Marrock is sending him to do.  These jobs tend to end up with a dead werewolf and their spirits are haunting Charles.  To protect his mate, Anna, he has closed down the bond between them and retreating from everyone. The Marrock is asked for help by human cops in regards to numerous killings spanning a few years and the most recent being werewolf kills.  He decides to send Charles and Anna, hoping that this job to be a protector will help. Charles and Anna work with the FBI to try and catch the group of killers, they learn that one is Fae and that most of the victims were also Fae.  But Charle's state of mind compromises Anna's safety and her life is put in danger when the murderers turn their attention to her.  The history and ways of the Fae are touched on, which was quite interesting. I didn't get a sense of who the killing group were until near the end and then the story was concluded a little quickly.  Not as much action and a little slow plotted storyline this time.  Though I still enjoyed the relationship between Charles and Anna and that kept my attention

Rated 3/5

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