Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Edinburgh Dead by Brian Ruckley

This is a stand alone novel.
Its 1828, in Edinburgh. Quire, a Police Officer finds a dead man, mauled by animals and his instincts tells him there is something wrong.
Quire finds himself investigating the rich society of the City and falls foul of his superiors who don't want him upsetting the elite. However, Quire, a former soldier, is determined to persue the misery of stolen bodies and learns of a dark magic/science that reanimates dead animals and dead people.  He soon becomes targetted by the people committing the crimes, and has to return to his darker past for help.
I liked the era and area the story is based.  And despite it being a period story it is written in a strong, modern way.  However, I found it difficult to relate to Quire.  Despite him getting into some gritty situations, the scenes didn't feel dark enough or scary enough.  And I can only put that down to my feelings of Quire not being a character I could relate to.
I did enjoy the views of Edinburgh and it felt quite realistic in its portrayal of that time period. But for me Quire wasn't a strong enough character to be able to get me into the story and I wouldn't be tempted to read more by this author

Rating 3 / 5
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