Monday, 5 March 2012

Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

Book 1 of Weather Warden Series

Quite a good start to this series.  It introduces Jo, a Weather Warden, as she's trying to escape the Weather Warden Council before they fry her for a murder she didn’t commit.  So the book starts on an action note, and continues in the same theme, for most of the book. This is great for progressing the plot and keeping readers attention.  However, it does mean that Jo and the other main characters aren't developed as much as I'd like.  Thoroughout, there are flashbacks to the time you met Lewis, the most powerful Warden (in hiding) and to when she first because aware of her own abilities.  She also gets into a relationship with a Djinn, something forbidden by the Wardens, which gets her into deeper waters.  An interesting premise for a story, controling weather and a series to continue

Rated 3.5 /5
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