Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Antithies by Terra Whiteman

A Marionette, Alezair,  meets an equally skilled fighter whilst on a mission to help Saladin defeat the Christians in 1180AD.  The female warrior intrigues him so much, he abandons his mission and starts on a journey find the woman that almost killed him.
Moving through time, the soldier endures the pain of disobedience. He is programmed to return to the Nexus, but instead he struggles to find the female soldier who kicked his ass.

When he eventually finds the killer woman, Leid, she tries to show him her purpose and frighten him away, but his stubbornness causes her to change him instead.
He learns that Leid is a Commander in Purgatory and her and her team oversee the movements of the Celestial Court. They watch for breaking of the Code by members of Heaven or Hell. And now Alezair is to become a Judge.

During this training we learn a little about these soldiers and their purpose. There are some weighty issues broached about the human condition and the reasons behind their actions, such as murder.  I found this a little heavy going for a recreational read, though it was interesting at times.
Alezair witnesses first hand, during court proceedings, the tension between the Angels and Demon’s has the blame each other for breading the Code.  We also learn that Alezair has an intense passion for Leid that can get out of hand at times.
This period in training does slow down the plot a bit and despite learning about the main characters I did find it a bit long winded.

After a fight between Alezair and a Demon called Samael, the newest Judge is called into his first battle. Only to find it’s a trap, by Samael to kill him.
Alezair learns a few truths about his Commander that he finds difficult and goes on his most dangerous task yet and eventually he finds the truth to his own past
I did enjoy the relationship between Alezair and Leid, though at times this exploration slowed the plot a bit. I much preferred the action scenes and wished there had been more jobs for Alezair to get involved in.  An interesting world created here, a little different from what I’ve read in the past and that was refreshing. The plot was much more interesting once Alezair and Leid went after the Statue, but I wont say too much as it would give too much away.

Rating 3.4/5

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