Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Moonshine by Rob Thurman

Book 2 of the Cal Leandros Series

Cal and Nik have started their own Supernatural Investigation Company.  With the help of Nik's vampire girlfriend and their friendly Puck, they take on their first job.  The first job is working for a werewolf pack, to find an old artifact that another pack have hidden.  During the investigation Georgie is kidnapped by a werewolf and the brothers have to not only take out his rivals but also retrieve the old crown.Then the Auphe return and they are after Cal's family and friends. The whole story is told from Cal's point of view so we deal with more of this angst about being a halfbreed monster. He also flexes his magical ability to save Georgie. I thought it was another good instalment, and the Cal character is maturing, though Nik is still the strongest character and I find my favourite of the series. I do like the authors modern writing style, it gives it a great urban feel

Rating - 4/5

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Dead Girls Dance by Rachel Caine

Book 2 of Morganville Vampire Series
This instalment starts at the end of the previous book.  Finding Claire dealing with Shane's extreme father, who hates all vampires and determined to destroy Morganvilles vampires.  When Shane is arrested and given a death sentence, Michael has to make the decision to become fully undead so that he may leave Glass House and protect his friend.   There is a brief mention of a Dance that  Claire gets invited to by a boy on campus, only to find it's a trap to have her attached.  Monica is behind this plot and she continues to cause Claire problems as her bullying becomes more nasty. There is a lot of teen love interest going on, as Claire and Shane get more involved and also Michael and Eve become closer.  Teens would probably find this entertaining.  I preferred the action scenes and the violent classes between the vampires and Shane's Father's Gang.
A light read, nothing too indepth and reasonably good fun.

Rating -3/5

Sunday, 14 August 2011

River Marked by Patricia Briggs

Book 6 of Mercedes Thompson Series

Mercy and Adam finally get married and go on a trailer honeymoon holiday in a remote area.  Most of this instalment has Mercy and Adam away from the Pack. During their honeymoon they find a fisherman who's been badly mauled and are drawn into a an investigation about a River Beast that has returned to feed on people.  Mercy meets Coyote the shapechanger that dwelled within her Father before he died. Coyote and other shapechangers come together to try and destroy the River Beast, and Mercy has to find a way to striker the killing blow whilst they keep the great monster distracted. 
It was good to finally see Mercy and Adam married.  However, the idea of a great River Monster seemed a bit far fetched even for this kind of fantasy. I did like the Indian folklore angle and the story of the shapechangers.  It would have been nice to focused more on those characters.

Rating 3/5

Fleshbags by Gerald Rice

This book tells the story of the first few hours after a zombie type outbreak happens. Following various characters as they make their way through Metro Detroit, either trying to avoid the infected or trying to reach family
The first few hours there are a lot of different characters introduced, with snippets of their first interactions with the Zombies or Fleshbags as they are called in this story.
I found these snippets made it difficult to get into this story. It didn’t develop any of the characters enough to draw me in.
It wasn’t until half way through that the plot focuses a little more on just a few of those characters and how they try and escape the city or save loved ones.  But not all of these characters have a  conclusion, some are just left trying to survive.

This is a short novella and hence doesn’t go into too much detail about individual characters, just focuses on what is happening during the first few hours of the outbreak.  I liked the description of the infected, had enough gore for the horror lovers.  Throughout the story snippets there are bits of action as various characters deal with the immediate dangers.

Generally I found this a frustrating read, I would of preferred one main character to lead me through the first few hours of infection. Someone that would have had plenty of contact with others and hence showing the events unfold. Because there are so many different character storylines, I found I didn't care as much for any of them. The plot felt too spread out and hence, for me, didn't have enough feeling.

Rating 2.5/5

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

Book 5 of Mercedes Thompson Series

Mercy gets pulled into a Fae problem when she was loaned a book by the Fae and now a Queen wants it.  There is a couple of attempts on her life and eventually Gabriel is kindnapped to force her to co-operate.  At the same time Mercy is trying to settle into her relationship with Adam.   However, some of the pack don't like her being his mate and using the pack link try and break up their relationship.  And if that wasn’t enough problems, her friend Samuel tries to commit suicide and his wolf takes over, leaving her only a few days to try and get him to regain control or he will die.
A few storylines in this installment, however I didn’t feel it was one of the best books in this series.  I did like the Wolf Pack storyline and the problems Samuel faced, but I found the Fae storyline a little dull.

Rating - 3/5
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