Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Gamble of the Gods by Dave Maine

Avin, a young farming lad, finds a beaten Imperial Soldier, Ax, skulking around his home.  Ax has escaped from a terrible slaughter, not a battle he expected, but one were Wolves killed his fellow troupes. Avin dreamt of the battle, but keeps this a secret and goes on a journey with Ax to try and learn more about the strange Wolves and what really happened.

After the disaster, all able men are called to arms to fight against the creatures that slaughtered the Army.  Whilst on the return journey to Avin‘s home, the companions are attacked and rescue an Owl called Ulkia.  Avin has lived a settled life, but his journey with Ax opens up the world and the various animal societies for him. They learn from Ulkia - a sorcerer owl - that it wasn’t wolves that attached the army, but some other creature and someone is trying to start a war between humans and sentient animals.

Ax hires a female Sorcerer at the Pass and the group of animals and humans start their adventure. During this dangerous journey they learn about the Godless. The mystery slowly unfolds as the group encounter various animals and deal with dangerous situations.
I did like this authors writing style.  He describes the world he created so well, without overloading the reader with information.  I really liked the intelligent animal characters, the owl Ulkia, quickly became my favourite character and I found myself fascinated by the various animal communities.  I don’t want to give away too much about the plot, so will say it’s a fun read, some surprises along the way and good strong characters
Rated 4
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