Sunday, 14 August 2011

Fleshbags by Gerald Rice

This book tells the story of the first few hours after a zombie type outbreak happens. Following various characters as they make their way through Metro Detroit, either trying to avoid the infected or trying to reach family
The first few hours there are a lot of different characters introduced, with snippets of their first interactions with the Zombies or Fleshbags as they are called in this story.
I found these snippets made it difficult to get into this story. It didn’t develop any of the characters enough to draw me in.
It wasn’t until half way through that the plot focuses a little more on just a few of those characters and how they try and escape the city or save loved ones.  But not all of these characters have a  conclusion, some are just left trying to survive.

This is a short novella and hence doesn’t go into too much detail about individual characters, just focuses on what is happening during the first few hours of the outbreak.  I liked the description of the infected, had enough gore for the horror lovers.  Throughout the story snippets there are bits of action as various characters deal with the immediate dangers.

Generally I found this a frustrating read, I would of preferred one main character to lead me through the first few hours of infection. Someone that would have had plenty of contact with others and hence showing the events unfold. Because there are so many different character storylines, I found I didn't care as much for any of them. The plot felt too spread out and hence, for me, didn't have enough feeling.

Rating 2.5/5
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