Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Dead Girls Dance by Rachel Caine

Book 2 of Morganville Vampire Series
This instalment starts at the end of the previous book.  Finding Claire dealing with Shane's extreme father, who hates all vampires and determined to destroy Morganvilles vampires.  When Shane is arrested and given a death sentence, Michael has to make the decision to become fully undead so that he may leave Glass House and protect his friend.   There is a brief mention of a Dance that  Claire gets invited to by a boy on campus, only to find it's a trap to have her attached.  Monica is behind this plot and she continues to cause Claire problems as her bullying becomes more nasty. There is a lot of teen love interest going on, as Claire and Shane get more involved and also Michael and Eve become closer.  Teens would probably find this entertaining.  I preferred the action scenes and the violent classes between the vampires and Shane's Father's Gang.
A light read, nothing too indepth and reasonably good fun.

Rating -3/5

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