Saturday, 2 July 2011

Witches Incorporated by K.E. Mills

Book 2 of Rogue Wizard Series
Gerald is now a Janitor and after getting through his training, starts on his first assignment. Still struggling with this rogue abilities he finds it difficult to be remote from his much needed friends.
Princess Mel, Bibbie (Monks Sister) and Reg have started their own investigation computer - Witches Incorporated.  They get hired to find someone who is stealing within an Air Ship manufactory and accidentally cross paths with Gerald and the saboteur he is tracking.
This instalment has two storylines. Geralds investigation as a Janitor and Mels and Bibbies investigation of theft. Eventually the two storylines converge and that is when I felt the book was much more interesting. Reg and Mel bring most of the humour, which lightens the darker elements.  Plenty of interesting magical practice and action to draw a reader into the storyline.  Gerald's newfound abilities are growing, which developes his character.  This story also touches on how woman are treat within this magical world. Mel and Bibbie are fighting to break the strong hold men have in their world and find a footing in the higher use of magic for women.  Very interesting story, loved the humour and did like how the various characters develop

Rating - 4/5

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