Monday, 11 July 2011

Roots Run Deep by A.J Walker

Kip is a goblin, living in the Goblin Reservation. Kip is an apprentice for a Mage after leaving behind a life of crime in the Reservation. But when her Cousin is captured by Human’s, she is dragged back into her past life and once again betrayed, this time by a close friend.
Unfortunately work is hard to find and eventually she gets drawn back into a life of crime.

Kip and her friends are escorting a strange group of human’s when they are attacked by elves.  Kip is forced to use more of her magical abilities to near exhaustion and eventually the goblins are coaxed into travelling further with the human - whom they learn are protecting royalty
Kip’s help impresses the King Roderick and eventually he turns to her and her fellow goblins for help to stand against his brother.

During exile and training with the soldiers under Roderick, Kip takes up leadership of the Goblin army and learns of a forgotten tribe of Goblin’s. She goes on a journey to find this tribe and ask for their assistance.  Eventually the combined army go into battle.

What attracted me to this story was that it focused on a Goblin character, which was nice for a change. I really liked the descriptive passages of the Kip’s world.  Vibrant scenes that build a dark and realistic world. Kip is a good strong character. She takes the reader through the story and I found her an engaging believable character. I did feel the plot shot forward a bit fast at times, this left me feeling a little disorientated.

Rating 3.5/5
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