Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dead Beat by Jim Butcher

Book 7 of Dresden Files Series

Harry has to make a deal with Mavra to save Karrin Murphy's career, a deal that could make life very difficult for him with the White Council.  He must find the Word of Kemmler, and stop 6 necromancer's from getting the Word first.  Unfortuantely he doesn’t know what the Word is, but has he investigates, he learns that Halloween in Chicago is going to be a bigger affair than usual.  As the Word gives someone the power to be a God, and the necromancers are fighting each other and hell bent on killing Harry to get the Word first.  If things weren't bad enough, he's also got the fallen angel to deal with, as it invades his dreams, in an effort to seduce him into using the coin.  A quick paced storyline, that finds Harry fighting with zombies, powerful wizards and having to deal with the Fae and the White Council to try thwarting the necromancers.  As always the characters dry humour eases the dark theme of the story and the magic is used in interesting ways.
Rating 4/5
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