Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Eternal Knight by Matt Heppe

This story is based on a world were a Wasting leaves the land barren and making life harsh for it’s people. 
The main character, Hadde lives with her family in a small woodland village, scratching a living and struggling to find food.  After an attack by strangers, with Silver Eyes, she comes across a lush clearing and finds a gold pendant.  The villagers believe it can be bartered to buy food, so Hadde and her friend Belor embark on a journey to find Saladorans.

Unfortunately Hadde and Belor are attacked on their journey, leaving Hadde alone. She soon come sto the aid of a group of Salador Knights, who reluctantly take her to see their King.
Hadde’s journey to see the King is thwart with misery as she finds out just how different her way of life is to the Salador’s.  She realised her ways are even more strange when she encounters the women in Salador.

The plot spends a lot of time following Hadde’s growing relationships with people in the City and Prince Morin.  Eventually Hadde, Prince Morin and Astor embark on a journey to find the Orb of Creation. During the journey they learn of the source of the Wasting and eventually battle to end it’s grip on their lands

As a main character Hadde’s is well written. However, I found the plotline a little slow at times as Hadde learns about the culture of Salador life and the source of the Wasting. For me Hadde is the only strong character, though Prince Morin is a little more developed than others throughout the story.  Perhaps this is due to their being a few characters vying for storyline thoroughout the novel, a few too many storylines that I felt could of been more affective if it had been more focused.
Overall I did enjoy this story, there are some good elements to it.  The elemental magic being one and Hadde's character being strong enough to lead the reader through the various twists and turns of the plot.  There are some political elements that weren't to my taste, but that is a personal disliking of political fantasy. 

Rating 3.5/5
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