Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Dark Remains by Mark Anthony

Third book in The Last Rune Series
This instalment finds the groups of friends split.  Grace and Travis return to earth to try and save Beltan live.  Whilst there they are once again hunted by Duratek.  And they are much more dangerous now they have Sorcerers helping them from Eldh.  Travis and Grace turn to The Seekers when Beltan is kidnapped by Duratek.  On Eldh their friends are trying to find out who is murdering Gods. Lirith and Aryn also have the added pressure of the Witches having declared war on Travis.  The group of friends travel to a far away City to investigate the source of an evil that Melia and the witches can feel.  Eventually Travis, Grace and Beltan return to Eldh with the help of an assisin - Vani. All the friends are reunited and join up to fight a Demon that consumes life.  An unusual ending, which made me wonder where the plot was heading.  I found this book to be a little slower in pace that the others, but the ending inspired me to continue onto the next book

Rating - 3.5/5
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