Friday, 22 April 2011

Chimera by Rob Thurman

Book 1 of Chimera Series
Stefan has been looking for his brother for years, after he was abducted from their home as a child.  He's father is a member of the Russia Mafia and in order to have money to find his brother, he also joins the Firm.  After many years he eventually gets word of a teenager that looks like his brother and breaks into a government like facility were children are being experimented upon. He escapes with his brother, who calls himself Michael and they go on the run from the mad scientist who trained and brainwashed Michael to be the perfect killer.  Not only has he been altered mentally, but biologically he can kill with a single touch.  But Michael isnt a born killer and has resisted the brainwashing.  Most the story covers the Stefan and Michael's journey on the run from the scientist, in their search for their father.  So plenty of action thoroughout, and the science behind chimera experiments on the children isnt too overwhelming.  A good story, with a possible opening at the end of further books

Rating 3.5/5
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