Monday, 14 March 2011

Sebastian by Anne Bishop

Book 1 of Ephemera series
Sebastian is the main character that drives this storyline.  He’s character develops as the plot progresses and I enjoyed how he discovers his true nature through the various dangers he faces.
His home the Den of Iniquity is a home for Demon’s, a landscape created for them by the Landscaper Belladonna.  Personally, I found this realm wasn’t intoxicating and erotic (as described on the cover), but rather a world of naughtiness, with a touch of risky banter. I would agree that most of the sexual content of this story, is more romantic based, with few sexually explicit scenes.
The more interesting storyline is of the battle between Belladonna and the Eater of the World.  Unfortunately this first book mostly introduces us to Ephemera and it’s quite a complex place.  With so many possible types of landscapes and character storyline’s I did feel not enough time spent on the Eater of the World element.

Rating - 3.5/5
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