Saturday, 28 August 2010

White Witch, Black Curse - Kim Harrison

Book 7 of Rachel Morgan Series

Rachel begins to remember what happened the night her vampire lover dies.  With her friends she goes on the hunt for the vampire killer. She also gets a case through the FBI when her friend Agent Glen is badly injured.  She soon finds a Banshee and her young child is responsible.  A banshee is to powerful for her to cope with and she's nealy killed.  To make things more difficult, a ghost - Pierce - who she conjured up at 18 for her first run - has been haunting the church.  However, when Al captures him, she needs to find a way to free him from the demon's grasp without getting herself dragged perminantly into the ever after.  And if her life wasn’t complicated enough, her past gets her snubbed by the witch community and the new fella in her life dumps her so that he may also not be shunned.  Her family have to move to escape her shunning and the only folks left at her side are Ivy and Jenks

I couldnt give this book as high a rating as others in the series, it felt pretty much rehashed storyline from previous books, little freshness here.  I did like the banshee storyline, and I'm sure Pierce will cause more problems in future books

Rating - 3/5

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Devil You Know - Mike Carey

Book 1 of Felix Caster Series

Felix has the gift of seeing ghosts. When ghost sightings become more relevant, he takes up work as an exorcist.  However, when a friend becomes possessed by a demon, he gives up the work, feeling guilty for not being able to protect him.  However, money is tight, and Felix takes on, what seems a simple job to pay the bills.  The ghost sightings at an archive seem straight forward. However, he soon finds himself the target of were creatures and hunted by a sucubi.  The lady who haunts the arctive building is trying to tell him something about how she died.  He soon finds himself deep in the world of gangsters and murders.  A very good first book in this series.  Did like the modern writing style and Felix is an interesting and strong enough character to take the reader through the plot.
This is the first book I've read by this author and I did enjoy it, hope to read the rest of the series in the near future

Rating - 4/5

Where Demons Dare - Kim Harrison

Book 6 of Rachel Morgan Series

Rachel is still grieving for Kristen, when Marshall turns up on her door, looking for friendly advice.  On top of that Al has got out on parole, and she's his number one priority - as in killing her for leaving him in the lurch.  The only way she can survive is to take on Al's summoning name so that no one else can call him and set him free to hunt her. However, that sample is in the everafter.  When she finds out Ceri is pregnant and requires an old sample of Elven DND, she teams up with Trent to go into the everafter, not only to save herself but also Ceri's baby.  Rachel learns about the true beginnings of Witches and that the man she thought was her father, was really human.  She discovers not only who her true father is, but also that she holds the key to the future of Demon kind.
I quite enjoyed this book, though it was a little slow at times, each book is getting just that bit longer

Rating - 3.5/5

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bone Crossed - Patricia Briggs

Book 4 of Mercy Thompson Series

Mercy is struggling to get over the affects of the attack.  She's finally decided to become Adam's Mate, but the attack hinders her relationship with the local pack leader. Then her live gets complicated when Stefan, her vampire friend is brutelised by his mistress, and Mercy finds the only way for her to be safe is to become pack mate and linked to the pack.
To escape being punished by the local vampire master, Mercy visits a friend, who's son is being terrorised by a ghost.  When she visits her friend to try and help them with their ghost problem, she's attacked by the local Vampire Master and has to become one of Stefan's sheep to escape his control.
Finally she finds herself imprisoned by this Vampire beast and has to fight for her life.  The whole story is about vampire politics, which Mercy gets more involved in due to her murder of Andre and her association with Stefan.  The vampire world is opened up a little in this book and Mercy and Adams relationship also developes. A bit more mystery in this book, which was good and twists in the storyline.

Rating - 4/5

Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs

Book 3 of Mercy Thompson Series
Mercy's fae friend, Zee, asks for her help in solving murders among the fea.  However, when Zee goes to check on the suspect he finds him murdered, and Zee is arrested and  his own kind are happy for him to take the blame. Mercy nevers leaves a friend in trouble, so she delves further into the fae world.
Of course this gets her in trouble with more bad guys and also means she needs the protection of the wolf pack.  Magic fae artifacts are also being stolen, unfortuantely Mercy falls foul of the murderer and is forced to do things she never would.
Mercy is a stronger character from the first book.  She also comes to a decision about the two strong males in her life. Again this is a easy to follow plot, nothing indepth.  But plenty of action and enough substance to the Mercy's relationships to make the characters interesting.

Rating - 3/5

Monday, 16 August 2010

Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs

Book 2 of Mercy Thompson Series
Mercy is asked a favour by Stefan, the vampire.  There is a new vampire in their area, and Stefan fears he has special powers that enables him to overpower much older vampires.  However, when they check on this vampire, its found he's possessed by a demon.  His influence creates an atmosphere of anger and violence.  As the possessed vampire goes on a killing spree, Mercy finds her friends and those she cares for in danger.  The werewolf pack are attacked, getting some of her friends badly hurt.  The Alpha, Adam and her friend Samuel are both captured by the demon vampire.  And Mercy is forced to work with other vampires to save them all. Action packed story and bit more interesting than the first book in this series.  Mercy is written more realistically, and the male characters are making her life more complicated.
These books are easy readers, not too indepth and lots of action thoroughout.I still don't feel Mercy is the strongest character, however, she does feel more fleshed out in this instalment.

Rating - 3/5

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs

Book 1 of Anna and Charles series

First book in a new series.  Based on the North American wolves, the Cornick family.  Samuel, one of the sons of the Marrock, was introduced in the Mercedes Thompson series.  This story focuses on that family and that wolf clan.  Anne is a newish wolf, an Omega, who becomes suffered at the hands of her first wolf clan, that is until she meets Charles - son of the Marrock and becomes his mate. There relationship is tested when Charles - the Marrocks enforcer, is sent to deal with a rogue wolf. On this dangerous trip they come across a new werewolf that was turned by the wolf a dark witch controls.  The dark witch hopes to take control of the pack through the Marrock.  Eventually the Marrock, Charles and Anne have to face the witch to protect the pack

Rating - 3/5

Sunday, 8 August 2010

A Madness of Angels - Kate Griffin

Book 1 - Matthew Swift Series

Swift got on the wrong side of his socerer tutor two years ago and was killed by the Shadow.
Now he's been brought back from the dead and with him are the Blue Angels.
The story is based in London and the magic used throughout utilises everyday things, ideas and animals that dwell within the city.
Swift has to protect himself from his first appearance and despite there been scatterings of battles with The Tower - were Bakker rules the magic in the city - the storyline can be slow and confusing.
Most of this confusion comes from the characters multiple personalities.  That is Swift and the Blood Angels that reside in the same body.
Despite this being difficult to follow and despite the heavy detail at times, it is an interesting story.  I did like how magic is used and the ideas of using well known icons and everyday things in a magical way.

Rating - 3.5/5

Sunday, 1 August 2010

For a Few Demons More - Kim Harrison

Book 5 of Rachel Morgan Series
Rachel is struggling to keep her life in order. The demon, Newt, invades her home and removes the sanctity of the church ground. This leaves her vulnerable to not only more demon incursions, but also vampire ones, especially the unfriendly kind.
To rectify this she needs lots of cash, a big run or, play guard duty on Trents wedding day. The first isn’t forthcoming and the 2nd option leaves a bitter taste for Rachel, but desperate times call for desperate measures and she takes the job.
However, life can only get harder when the morgue starts filling up with werewolves, all women, some suicides, others brutally murdered. And Rachel realises none too friendly forces have found out about the Focus!
The plot follows Rachel in her attempts to find the murdered of the werewolves, to take them out before they find the Focus. But with demons coming and going as they please, her home is no longer the sanctuary is once was and if that wasn’t hard enough, Piscary is out and baying for her blood.
Praying Ivy can resist Piscary’s power, she tries to stay one step ahead of all her enemies. But soon she has to choose between her best friend and her lover Kisten. Which one can she save if any at all.
As always I loved Jenks sense of humour as he continues to back Rachel up against her many foes that do seem to increase in every book. However, it was quite sad to loose a well established character and I was left wondering how this loss will affect Rachel in the future.

Rating - 3/5

Moon Called - Patricia Briggs

Book 1 of Mercedes Thompson series

 Mercy is the main, female, character written to lead the plot through its various twists and turns.  She gets involved in werewolf politics, when her neighbour, the local Alpha, is attacked and the new werewolf she befriended killed.  In her search for her neighbours kidnapped daughter, she has to return to her past, another werewolf pack and ask for help from the more dangerous creatures in her city. 
The mystery behind the various attacks is quite interesting and the author is able to keep the truth hidden until the end of the story. 
Despite Mercy being the main character, I did not feel she was the strongest and best written of the characters.  I felt the author has tried to create a modern, witty, female character, following a similar theme in other books, but in this case there were inconsistencies that left Mercy falling short.
The male werewolves, Adam and Sam, outshine the rest of the characters in this book and I felt were better developed. 

I liked the modern, urban theme of this book.  It would have been nice to have a stronger female character to and perhaps sequels with further develop this character

Rating - 2.5/5
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