Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Living Dead in Dallas - Charlaine Harris

Book 2 of Sooke Stackhouse Series

The Dallas vampires approach Eric Northman to ask them to find one of their missing vampires.  He sends Bill and Sookie .  Their investigation bring them into contact with fantical church folks, who hate vampires.  These fanatics have an old vampire helping them to kill capture other vampires (Godfrey).  Sookie is betrayed and captured by these fanatics.  Fortunately the rogue vampire (Godfrey) comes to her rescue and also werewolves help her as she tried to escape from the church.
There is a little back story about Eric, however, there is no connection in the book between him and Godfrey.. Also three way relationship develops  between Sooke, Bill and Eric as the two vampires vie for her affections.  A Meanard has also come to Bon Temp looking for tribute from Eric.  This section of the storyline is quite small and mostly touched near the end of the book.
I've read a little bit about Season 2 of True Blood and it appears there are a lot of differences between this book and the TV series.
I did feel there were a few missed opportunities.  More back story about Eric and Bill could of been included.  The Godrey character is hardly touched on in this book either. However, I enjoy the 3 way relationship development between Bill, Sookie and Eric.

Rating - 2.5/5

Friday, 23 April 2010

Dead until Dark - Charlaine Harris

Book 1 of Sookie Stackhouse Series

Sookie is a telepath, living in a small American town. One day a vampire comes into the bar were she works, which peeks her facination in vampire Bill.
Through her romance with Bill, she gets drawn into the world and politics of vampires.  This association causes the loss of friends and family who are killed.  And endangers her own life.
This story is not as involved as the TV series - True Blood.  In some ways that's not a bad thing, as the plot focuses more on Sookie and Bill.
However, I would of liked to see more backstory for the vampires, such as Eric as they are only briefly touched on.  The ending did seem a little rushed too. Sookie's relationship with Sam is less involved too, this was a missed opportunity and I prefer that the TV series goes into his character much more.
This is a fair read, it could have been better, more action, less pondering.

Rating -2.5/5

Monday, 12 April 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Undead - Kim Harrison

Book 2 in the Rachel Morgan Series 

Rachel Morgan has to go were the work is to pay her rent. Unfortunately when she takes on consulting for the FIB when Ley Line Witches are being killed, she takes on more than she first imagined.
She soon suspects Trent is behind the killings, especially when Trent’s secretary reports her boyfriend is missing. And all the Witches had spoken to Trent before their demise.
However her hunt for the killer turns up some difficult truths about her past and her fathers death. She reluctantly uses Ley Line Magic and is so desperate she calls up that Demon!  However, during her investigation she get the opportunity to find out who sent the demon to kill her and gets involved in Vampire politics.

Throughout the pace of the story is fast and interesting.  I find Harrison has a talent for creating sharp characters, that pull you into her story.  Jenk’s is still a lovely, rough pixie, who’s witty remarks help lighten the darker scenes in this book.  And I enjoyed learning more about Ivy’s family ties and ancestry, which make the vampire angle far more interesting.

Rating - 4/5
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