Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs

Book 1 of Anna and Charles series

First book in a new series.  Based on the North American wolves, the Cornick family.  Samuel, one of the sons of the Marrock, was introduced in the Mercedes Thompson series.  This story focuses on that family and that wolf clan.  Anne is a newish wolf, an Omega, who becomes suffered at the hands of her first wolf clan, that is until she meets Charles - son of the Marrock and becomes his mate. There relationship is tested when Charles - the Marrocks enforcer, is sent to deal with a rogue wolf. On this dangerous trip they come across a new werewolf that was turned by the wolf a dark witch controls.  The dark witch hopes to take control of the pack through the Marrock.  Eventually the Marrock, Charles and Anne have to face the witch to protect the pack

Rating - 3/5
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