Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bone Crossed - Patricia Briggs

Book 4 of Mercy Thompson Series

Mercy is struggling to get over the affects of the attack.  She's finally decided to become Adam's Mate, but the attack hinders her relationship with the local pack leader. Then her live gets complicated when Stefan, her vampire friend is brutelised by his mistress, and Mercy finds the only way for her to be safe is to become pack mate and linked to the pack.
To escape being punished by the local vampire master, Mercy visits a friend, who's son is being terrorised by a ghost.  When she visits her friend to try and help them with their ghost problem, she's attacked by the local Vampire Master and has to become one of Stefan's sheep to escape his control.
Finally she finds herself imprisoned by this Vampire beast and has to fight for her life.  The whole story is about vampire politics, which Mercy gets more involved in due to her murder of Andre and her association with Stefan.  The vampire world is opened up a little in this book and Mercy and Adams relationship also developes. A bit more mystery in this book, which was good and twists in the storyline.

Rating - 4/5
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